Missionaries Priests of Mercy

pretres missionnaires

That the word of forgiveness may reach everyone and that the invitation to experience mercy may leave no one indifferent ! The mission of the Missionaries Priests of Mercy is described by Pope Francis in « The Face of Mercy » (n° 18). Everyone without exception is invited to welcome the call to Mercy. The Missionaries Priests of Mercy are : A living sign of the way the Father welcomes those who are…

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The Cenacle (Cenacolo)

A response to be ill-being of young people. The Cenacle was founded in Turin in 1983 by Sr Elvira in response to the ill-being of many young people, lost in the world of addictions and often marginalized. « We are family of « public sinners » people enlivened and saved by the Lord who bent over us when we were in the mud of sin. We are a community of men and…

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Saint Faustina

sainte faustine

Helena Kowalska was born on August 25th 1905, in a small village in Poland. She was the third child in a family of ten children. Her parents were God-loving, poor farmers. While she was very young Helena had an inclination for prayer. She made her First Communion at the age of 9 and was fully aware that Jesus, true God and true Man, who died and rose again from…

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Pier Giorgio Frassatti

pier giorgio frassatti

Pier Giorgio was born on April 6th 1901, in Turin. He was the eldest of two children. From childhood, Pier Giorgio loved the Lord. He used to pray and receive Holy Communion every Sunday. He prayed the Rosary because he loved the Blessed Virgin very much. He was also very moved by the suffering of others. One day, he jumped into icy water to save the life of a…

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Saint John Paul II

jean paul ll

Karol Jozef Wojtyla was born May 18th 1920, at Wadowice, a small town 50km from Krakow, in Poland. He was baptised on June 20th 1920 in the church in Wadowice, by Father Francis Zak, made his First Communion at the age of 9 and was Confirmed at 18. Karol decided to say « yes » to the Lord’s call and became a priest. A few years later, Pope Paul VI requested…

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Witnesses to Mercy

The day he entrusted the world to God’s Mercy, St John Paul II in the sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki, near Krakow, declared : In the mercy of God the world will find peace and mankind will find happiness … May you be witnesses to mercy ! (17 August 2002) Pope Francis very often invites every baptized person to be a missionary of Jesus : « show by your life and also…

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The Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Lagiewniki


The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy Lagiewniki is located in the south suburbs of Krakow (Poland). It is the big Sanctuary of Divine Mercy. It is near the convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy where Saint Faustine Kowalska (1905 – 1938) lived and where her tomb bis venerated. Il comprises a large Basilica, a chapel and a guest house for pilgrims. Jesus gave the Church the message…

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Guayaquil Santuario Nacional of Divine Mercy

sanctuaire monde

« The Guayaquil Santuario Nacional of Divine Mercy » dedicated to the Divine Mercy is located just beside the town of Guayaquil, capital of Ecuador (Latin America). This Sanctuary is a big stone and glass arch reaching to the sky and the most important one in Ecuador. The construction work started in 2009. It was inaugurated in July 2013 thanks to donations from 200 local parishes and from all over…

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The Basilica of the Sacred Heart Mercy Sanctuary

sacre coeur

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart Montmartre overlooks the city of Paris with a magnificent panoramic view of the city. It is the oldest Divine Mercy sanctuary in Paris. The official title of the Basilica is actually : « Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre, Sanctuary of Eucharistic Adoration and Divine Mercy ». People visit the Basilica individually or in groups, deposit their burdens and try to find an answer to…

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Sanctuary of our Lady of Lourdes

sanctuaire lourdes

The sanctuary of our Lady of Lourdes (Department 65), in the Pyrenees is the biggest French pilgrimage center. Around five million pilgrims from all over the world come to pray to the Blessed Virgin at the grotto in Lourdes. The Blessed Virgin appeared to Bernadette who was 14 years of age on February 11th 1858, followed by seven other apparitions. In response to Bernadette’s question The Blessed Virgin told…

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