Living a Lent of Mercy

Lent: a word that means sacrifice, deprivation, fasting… Nothing very joyful. And then, at the beginning of Lent, I reread Anthony’s testimony “The Gospel is a source of Mercy in my life” and I think: “Why not living a Lent of Mercy?”


I start by turning off my radio, especially a show that lasts a while and to which I am addicted to at the beginning of my day. I sit down and I read quietly a passage from the Gospel.
I pray for a while in front of a picture of merciful Jesus.
Then I take out my calendar and I look at the list of “contact” people.
Then I think about my parents whom I neglected quite a bit and about Amélie, an old friend of mine, who moved away and whom I left behind.
The same evening, I make two phone calls. Joy of my parents and of Amélie.

Every morning, my day begins with this appointment with the reading of the Gospel.
I settle down before going to work and I am very happy about that.

This “Mercy break” is a time of rejuvenation that leads me to go out, to meet my neighbours.
My first friendly visit was long.

An elderly alone lady whose children came back from Turkey and who shares her anxieties with me. I listened to her a lot. We smiled and even laughed.
Another time, a meeting at the bottom of the building with a neighbour who is alone with his little dog. We chatted and during the conversation I expressed to him my joy in reading the Gospel which is a light on my daily path.
I offered him a picture of the merciful Jesus that I had with me. He was very happy about it.

I am very happy to experience this Lent of Mercy.