Witness of Mercy

témoin misericorde

« Disciple of Mercy… a heart united with those who are suffering » Mercy and health ? What a surprising association at first sight ! Neverless… I am a Parisian Osteopath, married and father of a little boy named Thomas. Day after day, in the exercise of my profession I see that there can not be True health without mercy, true care without kindness and true recovery without compassion. There is nothing new…

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The Cenacle (Cenacolo)

A response to be ill-being of young people. The Cenacle was founded in Turin in 1983 by Sr Elvira in response to the ill-being of many young people, lost in the world of addictions and often marginalized. « We are family of « public sinners » people enlivened and saved by the Lord who bent over us when we were in the mud of sin. We are a community of men and…

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