Gestures of mercy

geste de misericorde

In the Gospel, Jesus shows us to us a simple way to be his disciple, to live mercy, “make of small gestures that have great value in his eyes”. Each one can advance on his or her own path of mercy, by making an act of Mercy, also called a work of mercy. To be capable of Mercy, to live out the gestures of Mercy, we are called to…

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They talk about it

Mercy is « Compassion of the heart for the misery of others which drives to help if we can do so ». St Augustine Mercy is exclusive to God whose omnipotence rightly consists in works of mercy. St Thomas Acquinas Mercy is like an overflowing torrent. It takes hearts in its wake. St Jean Marie Vianney Mercy replaces that which is missing. It repairs by giving, caring and healing…

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