Gestures of mercy

geste de misericorde

In the Gospel, Jesus shows us to us a simple way to be his disciple, to live mercy, “make of small gestures that have great value in his eyes”. Each one can advance on his or her own path of mercy, by making an act of Mercy, also called a work of mercy. To be capable of Mercy, to live out the gestures of Mercy, we are called to listen first of all to the Word of God, to the Gospel, the source of Mercy.

There are 14 works of mercy, 7 corporeal and 7 spiritual. The 7 corporeal works repeat the indications given by Jesus (cf. Gospel according to St Matthew 25:35-36). The 7 spiritual works form a beautiful list of concrete and ordinary gestures that touch all areas of our friendly, family, professional or ecclesial life. On September 1, 2016, Pope Francis, during the World Day of Prayer for the Protection of Creation, added a new work of Mercy: the «Protection of Creation».

Over the months, you will discover a gesture of Mercy.