Gestures of mercy

geste de misericorde

In the Gospel, Jesus shows us to us a simple way to be his disciple, to live mercy, “make of small gestures that have great value in his eyes”. Each one can advance on his or her own path of mercy, by making an act of Mercy, also called a work of mercy. To be capable of Mercy, to live out the gestures of Mercy, we are called to…

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Bury the dead and pray for the living and the dead

prier pour les morts et les vivants

We all know people tho count for us. When one of those people is seriously ill and dying we take to heart to care and accompany this person as best we can by visiting, sending text messages, post cards, etc. We are called to attend to this person, parent, sister, brother, friend of companion on the way until death. Burying and praying for a close relative or friend is…

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Gesture of Mercy : visiting the sick

visiter malade misericorde

Visiting the sick is a kind act of Mercy, a gesture or great humanity. Those who are sick often feel alone. A visit can make a person who is sick feel less alone, and a little companionship is great medicine! A smile, a caress, a handshake are simple gestures, but they are very important for those who feel abandoned. How many people dedicate themselves to visiting the sick in…

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An act of Mercy : feeding the hungry

donner à manger

During the word Youth days int Krakow, in August 2016, Pope Francis reminded us : «Mercy is not synonymous with’ goodness’ or with sentimentalism. Our authentic identity as disciples of Jesus and our credibility as Christians are verified through our practice of Mercy in today’s world ». As a baptized disciple of Jesus, I am invited to live Mercy and carry out acts of Mercy. The first act of Mercy described…

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