Gesture of Mercy : visiting the sick

visiter malade misericorde

Visiting the sick is a kind act of Mercy, a gesture or great humanity.

Those who are sick often feel alone. A visit can make a person who is sick feel less alone, and a little companionship is great medicine! A smile, a caress, a handshake are simple gestures, but they are very important for those who feel abandoned. How many people dedicate themselves to visiting the sick in hospitals or in their homes! It is a priceless voluntary work. When it is done in the Lord’s name, moreover, it also becomes an eloquent and effective expression of mercy*. (Pope Francis).

« Jesus’ life, especially during the three years of his public ministry, was a continual encounter with people. Among them, the sick had a special place. How many pages of the Gospel tell of these encounters! The paralytic, the blind man, the leper, the possessed man, the epileptic, and the countless people suffering from illnesses of every kind…. Jesus made himself close to each of them, and cured them with his presence and his healing power* » (Pope Francis).

By visiting the sick, we place our steps in the steps of Jesus, and like Him, in Hi spath, we are living a « Meeting with Mercy ».


*Pope Francis, general Audience, Wednesday, 9 November 2016, Extraordinary Jubilee Year of mercy