Witness of Mercy

témoin misericorde

« Disciple of Mercy… a heart united with those who are suffering »

Mercy and health ? What a surprising association at first sight ! Neverless…

I am a Parisian Osteopath, married and father of a little boy named Thomas. Day after day, in the exercise of my profession I see that there can not be True health without mercy, true care without kindness and true recovery without compassion.

There is nothing new in this you may say when one believes in Divine Mercy. Howewer, if one associates easily mercy with compassion and forgiveness – which is true –, the Word of God equally enables us to contemplate God’s fatherly compassion, faithfulness, merciful love and demands through the history of the chosen people.

God assures us of His fatherly tenderness in face of human distress and suffering so that we in turn, may be disciples of mercy, our hearts united with those who are suffering. My daily practice as a health professional brings me into contact not only with suffering bodies but also with words which express deaper pain of a more psychological nature. The great advantage in my profession is that of my faith in God’s mercy. Without it, I would only be a ‘body technician ‘.

Listening over and over again with empathy makes my work day a source of wealth. Being able to share and support while manipulating bones and massaging the body’s musculature allows me to exchange confidences which reveal a deeper more intimate form of unspoken suffering often somatised.

I have many patients who carry their cross ill health and very often the less invisible forms of emotional and mental distress which they express in words related to body parts. « My back is killing me », « I find it hard to digest the latest news », « and my head is exploding ».

God loves us more than we can ever imagine. The way He judges our lives is not a judgement of condemnation. God looks on us with fatherly kindness, just like a father who gently leads his child to grow more and more in Truth.

Let us place our trust in God’s merciful love. « Jesus, I trust in you… » St Faustina

I constantly refer to the « Little Way » of St Therese of Lisieux. « Trust and only trust will lead us to Love ». My guideline in my work is belief in God’s mercy for us and a strong desire to live God’s love in me and for my neighbour whitout judging, taking time to listen attentively, using my hands to bring healing.

As a humble worker for the True Doctor of body and soul, I try using my skills to be the hands of the Father, trusting in the gifts of Councel and filial affection of the Holy Spirit.

« Then let the doctor take over – the Lord created him too- do not let him leave you, for you need him. There are times when good health depends on doctors. For they, in their turn, will pray the Lord to grant them the grace to relieve and to heal… » (Ecclésiasticus 38, 12-14)

Jordan P.