The word of God reveals his merciful love


Sunday January 23, 2022 is word of God Sunday. It is an invitation to spend a few minutes every day in God’s presence reading a passage from the Word of God*… The Bible and the Gospel

The word of God reveals his merciful love, his desire to make himself known and reach each human being.

Reading the Gospel enables us to encounter Someone : Jesus… encounter which for centuries and today in 2022, gives life a new horizon.

Jesus, true God & man, reveals the Merciful Father of the Gospel. The prayers, words & actions of Jesus « Face of Mercy » teach us that we are all loved by God & we are called to experience His Mercy in our lifetine. Furthermore, we are to receive salvation, endless, happiness i.e. Eternal life.

In a difficult word, in a sociaty with the ruthless demands of competition, the Word of God opens the heart in order to choose freely pardon, justice Mercy, beauty, truth and service.


* While the Bible ans the Gospel (first & second testaments) were the work of human writers their words were inspired by God through the Holy Spirit. The Church, in turn, enlightened by the same Holy Spirit, recongnised and transmitted Holy Scripture throughout the centuries.