Guayaquil Santuario Nacional of Divine Mercy

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« The Guayaquil Santuario Nacional of Divine Mercy » dedicated to the Divine Mercy is located just beside the town of Guayaquil, capital of Ecuador (Latin America).

This Sanctuary is a big stone and glass arch reaching to the sky and the most important one in Ecuador. The construction work started in 2009. It was inaugurated in July 2013 thanks to donations from 200 local parishes and from all over the world. It has a capacity to welcome 1200 people. There is a crypt, a retreat house, rooms for catechism and missionary work, a « Marion coffee-shop », Stations of the Cross and on the verge of a big lake, recreational and educational facilities.

In Ecuador, many people pray for Divine Mercy and every year on April 27th there is a big pilgrimage to the Sanctuary in Gyayaquil.

Pope Francis visited the Sanctuary during his visit to Latin America on June 6th 2015. He prayed with the thousands of people present and he told them : « Jesus is there for each one of you with a lot of Mercy, the Blessed Virgin is always at your side ».