Living a Lent of Mercy

Lent: a word that means sacrifice, deprivation, fasting… Nothing very joyful. And then, at the beginning of Lent, I reread Anthony’s testimony “The Gospel is a source of Mercy in my life” and I think: “Why not living a Lent of Mercy?” How? I start by turning off my radio, especially a show that lasts a while and to which I am addicted to at the beginning of my…

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Baptism and Mercy

bapteme misericorde

Photo : In the narrative of the Baptism, administered to Jesus by John the Baptist in the waters of the Jordan, we see first and foremost the role of the people. Jesus is in the midst of the people. Before immersing himself in the water, Jesus ‘immerses’ himself in the crowd; he joins it, fully taking on the human condition, sharing everything, except sin. In his divine holiness, full…

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Witness of Mercy

témoin misericorde

« Disciple of Mercy… a heart united with those who are suffering » Mercy and health ? What a surprising association at first sight ! Neverless… I am a Parisian Osteopath, married and father of a little boy named Thomas. Day after day, in the exercise of my profession I see that there can not be True health without mercy, true care without kindness and true recovery without compassion. There is nothing new…

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The word of God reveals his merciful love


Sunday January 23, 2022 is word of God Sunday. It is an invitation to spend a few minutes every day in God’s presence reading a passage from the Word of God*… The Bible and the Gospel The word of God reveals his merciful love, his desire to make himself known and reach each human being. Reading the Gospel enables us to encounter Someone : Jesus… encounter which for centuries and…

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Advent with Mary, Mother of Mercy

Advent means “Coming”. Together with Christians world wide we await the Coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas and His Coming in Glory. The Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, in her flesh, awaited the arrival of the Infant Jesus. She is certainly the most fitting person to help us live and pray during the season of Advent. Feast of the Immaculate Conception On the 8th of December, we celebrate the…

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Gestures of mercy

geste de misericorde

In the Gospel, Jesus shows us to us a simple way to be his disciple, to live mercy, “make of small gestures that have great value in his eyes”. Each one can advance on his or her own path of mercy, by making an act of Mercy, also called a work of mercy. To be capable of Mercy, to live out the gestures of Mercy, we are called to…

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They talk about it

Mercy is « Compassion of the heart for the misery of others which drives to help if we can do so ». St Augustine Mercy is exclusive to God whose omnipotence rightly consists in works of mercy. St Thomas Acquinas Mercy is like an overflowing torrent. It takes hearts in its wake. St Jean Marie Vianney Mercy replaces that which is missing. It repairs by giving, caring and healing…

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Missionaries Priests of Mercy

pretres missionnaires

That the word of forgiveness may reach everyone and that the invitation to experience mercy may leave no one indifferent ! The mission of the Missionaries Priests of Mercy is described by Pope Francis in « The Face of Mercy » (n° 18). Everyone without exception is invited to welcome the call to Mercy. The Missionaries Priests of Mercy are : A living sign of the way the Father welcomes those who are…

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The Cenacle (Cenacolo)

A response to be ill-being of young people. The Cenacle was founded in Turin in 1983 by Sr Elvira in response to the ill-being of many young people, lost in the world of addictions and often marginalized. « We are family of « public sinners » people enlivened and saved by the Lord who bent over us when we were in the mud of sin. We are a community of men and…

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Saint Faustina

sainte faustine

Helena Kowalska was born on August 25th 1905, in a small village in Poland. She was the third child in a family of ten children. Her parents were God-loving, poor farmers. While she was very young Helena had an inclination for prayer. She made her First Communion at the age of 9 and was fully aware that Jesus, true God and true Man, who died and rose again from…

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