Pope Benedict XVI


“I desire mercy, and not sacrifice’, you would not have condemned the guiltless” (Mt 12: 7). God’s words have come down to us, through the Gospels, as a synthesis of the entire Christian message : true religion consists in love of God and neighbour.
Angelus St Peter’s Square Sunday, 9 June 2008

Since God can only be merciful we do not live as if good and evil were the same thing. This would be a deception. In reality, we live with a great responsibility. We have talents, and our responsibility is to work so that this world may be open to Christ, that it be renewed.
General Audience Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Divine mercy consists not only in the remission of our sins; it also consists in the fact that God, our Father, redirects us, sometimes not without pain, affliction or fear on our part, to the path of truth and light, for he does not wish us to be lost (cf. Mt 18:14; Jn 3:16).
Benin – Cotonou – Friday, 18 November 2011