Picture of Jesus Mercy

jesus misericordieux

The picture of Jesus Mercy represents Jesus clothed in a large, white robe, with His right arm blessing and His left arm showing His open Heart from which two rays spring out. One of the mis white ; the other is red representing the blood and water chich gushed from the side of Christ after His death on the cross (cf. Gospel of St Jean 19,34). They show the unlimited gift of God’s Mercy for everyone ?

At the bottom of the picture, we can read the following inscription : « Jesus, ufam Tobie » which means : « Jesus, I place my trust in you ».

We venerate this picture of Jesus Mercy, in response to His desire « I am giving humanity a vase in which they must dram grace at the source of Mercy. ». This vase is this picture with the inscription : « Jesus, I place my trust in you » (Jesus to St Faustina – Diary § 327).

All over tht world God gives many graces to those who pray i front of the picture of Jesus Mercy.